1) Services during the Pre-investment Phase

• Analysis of generation, transmission and distribution infrastructures and spotting infrastructural projects in the energy sector
• Carrying out studies of electricity and energy markets
• Carrying out technical and economic studies for construction of thermal and renewable energy power plants
• Carrying out studies on environmental traces in generation of electricity (EIA study in electricity sector)
• Studies of power flow and connection to the network
• Preparation of economic reports for submission to international banks
• Due Diligence evaluation services
• Preparation of packages for investment in thermal and renewable energy power plants (EPCF projects)
• Preparation of all-inclusive packages for investment in upgrading the existing power plants and electricity transmission grid (EPCF projects)
• Identifying investors and preparation of capital provision plans in electricity generation and transmission sectors

2) Services during the implementation phase

• Submission of technical and financial offers for investment and construction of power plants, transmission networks and upgrade projects
• Preparation of contracts and technical attachments of EPCF contracts
• Conceptual design, basic engineering and detailed design of electricity generation plants and transmission networks
• Review of engineering designs
• Non-EPC plan management services
• EPC plan management services
• Identifying accredited local and international suppliers and contractors
• Purchase and supply engineering services
• Providing construction and construction services
• Thermal and renewable energy power plant installation, commissioning and network connection

3) Services during operation phase

• Formulation of general plans for optimal management of thermal and renewable energy power plants
• Power plant upgrading, capacity increase and output enhancement of existing power plants
• Power plant and transmission line operation and maintenance